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Monaco Wheels’ Electric range is developed for the environmentally conscious driver. The products in this range align with current EV trends and do not impact the performance or range of the vehicle. Below, you’ll find three top picks from the Electric Wheels collection. We have more types in stock generally. By using our wheel configurator, you can discover which rims we have in our assortment that are suitable for your car.

Monaco Wheels CL1
Monaco Wheels GP6

Audi, Mercedes, Tesla & Volkswagen

Monaco Wheels CL2
Monaco Wheels GPX

Audi, Volvo & Volkswagen

Monaco Wheels Pace
Monaco Wheels GP11

Audi, Volvo & Volkswagen

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By using our wheel configurator, you can search for your Monaco wheels in two simple ways. By entering a license plate or a car brand, type, and model, Monaco wheels suitable for your car will be displayed immediately.